Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fun things to do in Colombia

At one time Colombia had a bad name as a tourist destination. Although there were fun things to do in Colombia, its reputation was bad because of the drug cartels and their associated business. That though was in the 1980sand the 1990s, today it is different.

Although there may still be problems with the Cartels, it is basically restricted to certain remote areas mainly near the borders. That means that the popular places to visit in Colombia are relatively safe, by Latin American standards.

As mainline popular tourism has not yet readjusted to the new safe tourism opportunities, there are few people who yet realize the things to do in Colombia, are once again safe. This in turn means that as yet, the top things to do in Colombia have not yet had their prices affected by heavy tourism, making Colombia a relatively cheap 'buses de Colombia' and relatively safe tourist destination at this time.

This all means that today is probably a good time to visit Colombia and so here are some of the things to do, if you decide to.

Visit Bogotá – There are many things to do in around the capital, one of the most popular is to visit the famous Gold Museum.

Experience Cartagena – When visiting this city with its fortress and walled old city, located next to the sea, invokes the feel of how life was in the days of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Medellin – This beautiful city with its year round, spring like weather, has earned it the name of “The Land of the Eternal Spring”, always a pleasant place to visit.

Coffee of Cali – Cali is the center of the coffee district and offers a vibrant nightlife or if that isn’t to your taste, stay at one of the nearby coffee farms.

The Lost City – Santa Marta has always boasted beautiful beaches but is now better known for being the gateway to the Lost City. The Lost City can be visited during a five day jungle trek.

These are just a few of the great tourist attractions that Colombia has to offer. Attractions that the majority of tourists are still unaware can be visited in relative safety.

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