Monday, May 6, 2013

Experience Nightlife in Cali Colombia

Cali was at one time where all tourist came to see the premier city by riding a Colombia bus, however in the 1980’s, when Colombia became notorious for the drug lords causing havoc throughout the country, tourism rapidly decreased throughout the whole country. Although this trouble was eventually brought under control in the 1990’s, the tourism industry has been slow to respond to the much safer conditions.

Colombia today is fairly safe, in terms of Latin American travel and there are far fewer kidnappings or other associated incidents in Colombia now, than there are in some of the other Latin American countries including Mexico.

Now that tourism is returning to Colombia, it is returning far slower than it could, given its new safety records. Cali, probably through bad governance, has not responded as quickly as the other cities to the returning tourist trade and so, whilst still the third largest city in the country, it has lost it spot as being the premier destination for tourism in the country.

Cali may have lost its reputation as the best tourist destination in the country but it still maintains its reputation as being the hot spot for nightlife.

When you want to talk about the nightlife in Cali Colombia, you must first appreciate that the girls here are considered to be the prettiest in the whole of Colombia and perhaps South America.

Cali is not perhaps the best place to take your grandmother or young children, as there are not as many tourist attractions as there perhaps are in the other cities. In fact during the day, Cali can seem a little dull and lethargic but come the evening, that’s a different matter.

Cali Colombia Nightlife
As in the rest of Colombia, Salsa is the main form of entertainment in the evening and everybody is advised to try and take Salsa lessons whilst they are there.

Juanchito, although situated across the river, serves as the party district for Cali and is perhaps the best place to experience the nightlife in Cali, Colombia. If you would rather not cross the river, then there is a more intimate side to Cali nightlife that can be found in “Tin Tin Deo” on Fifth Street (Calle Quinta), which serves as Cali’s main artery.

If Salsa is not your thing, you do not have to feel left out, as in the Granada neighborhood, there are some more trendy bars that may more suit your style.


In Latin America, safety is always a concern and Cali is no different but is no worse than anywhere else. You should take the same precautions that you would take any where in Latin America or any foreign country for that matter.

Since the 1990’s the drug cartels have been restricted to the countryside far from tourist destinations and for the most part do not interfere with the tourist industry, however along the borders with other countries there may be a bigger risk and so always cross the borders at the main crossing areas to avoid trouble.